Several people have contacted me wondering about my response to the mid-term elections. I’ve been processing the results since Tuesday night, hopefully through the grid of Holy Spirit. My goal is not to be one of the first to comment on matters such as this, but rather to spend time with the Lord, listening to Him, as well as to other voices of wisdom, and then issue a statement.

Also, I have never been one to “spin” matters such as this. Those who have followed me for several years will recall that I’ve been very open and honest regarding past elections, even when that honesty meant an acknowledgement of emotional devastation and/or the predicting of dire consequences. I’ve never been comfortable attempting to ease the pain for believers with religious clichés (e.g. “God is in control,” or “God is sovereign,” both of which I’ve already heard regarding this election). I believe it is my responsibility to speak truth and always be completely honest in my responses. Having said this, I can say without hesitation that I am NOT in any way discouraged. I’m a little disappointed, yes; but not discouraged. Here’s why:

  • Unlike many of my colleagues, I was not confident conservatives would keep the House of Representatives. Though I prayed passionately for this to occur, I simply had no word or assurance from the Lord they would do so. Therefore, I was neither devastated nor surprised when conservatives lost. Also, the losses in the House were much fewer than predicted, and much fewer than almost any other president’s party has experienced in his first mid-term election. Conservatives didn’t do all that poorly.
  • The gains in the Senate were unprecedented. I don’t believe any president’s party has ever done as well in his first mid-term election. Maintaining control of the Senate means liberals will not be able to further their agenda, nor reverse the positive accomplishments of President Trump’s first two years. True, there will be a stalemate which will slow progress, but we won’t lose ground.
  • Also, the gains made in the Senate (Republicans went from a 51/49 majority to 54/46) were wins by very conservative, pro-life, pro-Trump agenda individuals. This means the votes of two moderate, pro-abortion Republican senators (Collins and Murkowski) can no longer stop pro-life laws and the appointment of pro-life Judges. There will still be enough Republicans without them. I have been stating for years that the most important shift needed in our government is in the unelected Judicial Branch. No other group has opened the gates for more evil into America. The Senate, however, not the House, approves Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, and District Judges. By maintaining control of the Senate–and actually increasing the number of pro-life individuals in it–the shift in our judicial system can continue. Again, two of the Republican Senators are pro-abortion. Before the election, having only 51 Republicans, these two individuals alone could stop any pro-life Justice or Judge appointed by President Trump. This is no longer the case–we have a majority without them. The most needed shift in American government can now continue uninterrupted.

When Joshua led Israel into the conquest of their God-given land, Canaan, they began with a great, supernatural conquest at Jericho, one of Canaan’s most fortified cities. However, Israel was defeated at its next battle, one they should have won had they listened to and obeyed God. But Joshua and his people didn’t give up. They regrouped, sought God’s help and returned to the battle. And they won.

Yes, I am disappointed by one aspect of the election outcome; however, I am greatly encouraged by the others. We are weaker in the House but much stronger in the Senate, where the most important cause of our day can still be accomplished: the shifting of the Supreme Court. In the meantime, we must and will continue to pray. Our prayers are making a huge difference and will continue to do so. Without question, we are seeing our nation turn around.

Be encouraged and keep the faith.
Dutch Sheets

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  1. Thank you Dutch for your views. Many in the circles I am associated with here in Minnesota respect you and your opinion! Your message gives hope.

  2. I feel exactly the same way. It is good to hear your perspective. Thank you for being such a balanced, godly leader who always look to the Lord. I thank God for you and your family and ministry.

  3. Reading your take on all of this Mr. Dutch Sheets is comforting to me. Thank you for explaining and breaking
    it down in a simple to understand way! I too was hoping for a different outcome. But after reading this I am encouraged to continue on praying and standing united with my brothers and sisters in Christ! I now share what was given to me during my worship time on Saturday Nov. 3rd I was reading Psalm 33 and also Psalm 113 and using the two in prayer, declaration and song. Then I wrote down the following, the Spirit of the Lord says, the purposes of my heart predestined long ago from before the foundation of the earth My Will was, is and is to be done! On earth as it is in heaven! Shout for joy my righteous ones. My Will be done! That concludes the words I heard!! To God be the Glory!!!!

  4. Thank you. I was anxious to know your thoughts. You said 54 Senators. So you believe McSally will win. Also Florida is a concern. There is now a recount and according to Rubio serious problem in Boward Co. He’s not trusting them. I’m sure you’re aware of the word Charles Shamp gave saying we would hold the House and gain 9 Senators making it 60/40. Do you think this was just a miss or maybe for 2020 instead? Listening to Democrats today it’s clear next 2 years will be a mess. But maybe God has other plans. Trying to understand. Heard enough words that I thought we would hold House. Glad I checked your web site and for your comments . Some things seem best not to ask on twitter. Appreciate that you follow me @Gerryinpa

  5. Hi Dutch,
    Thanks for your insights. I guess my question is, can we really expect a “republican pro-life” agenda to move forward, if when they HAD control of the house, and senate, they did not defund planned parenthood?

  6. Thank you for this honest and encouraging word. I believe what you are saying is exactly the case. One thing that is obvious is that the leaders in the House will try even harder to destroy the President and those who stand with him. The need for vigilance in prayer is all the greater for their protection. At the same time, may God’s people continue gaining ground and the Church be purified.

  7. Dutch, this is Rowan Smith. Please read what I just sent to Cindy. I hope the prophets will get the confirmation needed to see the plan of Yahweh.
    Back in 2012 Kim Clement gave a very strong word from Yahweh that the next president, speaking of what was to be D Trump,
    Would be unsettling for the Republicans and the Democrats would diminish.
    So far the first part I would say has been evident but the part about the demise of the Dems is still pending.
    I hope that this take over of the House is a trap.
    When you gather for your prophetic Summit, I would only request that You all seek Yahweh for a confirmation to this word for the Dems. I am sure many are deceived but the leadership are tools of Satan at this point. Yahweh promises to reveal his plans to his prophets so Please petition him to do so about this word from Kim. Then the body will be able to adjust our prayers.
    Love you and Mike with all I have. You both are TRUSTWORTHY!
    Thanks Dutch.

  8. I am just wondering if ALL the strongly pro-life candidates won , no matter where they ran, congress, governor, state representatives? Just wondering, as it seems one of the biggest sins in America (abortion) is the same sin as one of the abominations that God hated in the Old Testament – sacrificing their children in the fire.

  9. Thank you President Trump for your stable, victorious attitude. I love the way you handle the media who try trapping you. You are such a beautiful powerful force. I thank Jesus for you every day. Be encouraged that many love you and support you.

  10. I appreciate your comments. I will continue to join with you in prayer for our country! God bless your team, family, and you.

  11. Our decreed wave of Red is the blood cleansing us from the sin of bloodshed (abortion). We didn’t lose, His ways are higher and I trust Him. We will see a billion souls come to Jesus. Let the revival begin in us and “turn” our Nation red.

  12. Thank you for sharing this. We are greatly encouraged by what you shared. Thank you for sharing. God Bless America!

  13. I think we will and are learning in each of these battles. I thank God for the wisdom of the word of God. It continues to guide us through. All of us need to look through the lens of the word of God. Then no matter what it looks like we can stand and having done all to stand.

  14. Thank you for your faithful and meditated response to the elections. You have great influence in our lives because of your faithfulness to listen to the Holy Spirit and say only what He is telling you. We appreciate you and need your input. Thank you again.

  15. Thank you for your reasoned and encouraging comments. They are helpful to me as I try to process these terribly difficult times we are in. Oh how I wish the awakening would begin sooner rather than later.

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