On Wednesday, March 25, 2020, I interviewed my good friend Chuck Pierce regarding the prophetic word he gave January 26, 2020, saying that there was coming a “massive plague-like invasion that would test us through Passover" (it was shared on different ministry venues such as Charisma News: ). We now know it is Covid-19. In the interview, Chuck expounds on this prophetic word and what else he sees for the future. His thoughts regarding China are quite informative and even shocking. Chuck said that by August, we will have come through this process and have a new voice in America, with new strength and purpose. The process will return America to its pure vision, being a beacon for God’s voice around the world. The changes will also bring about new identities to nations. All must respond appropriately. How we respond to this virus as nations and individuals will reflect how HE responds to us. After the interview, I expounded on what Chuck stated and shared my thoughts.
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