Dear Friends, Ceci and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. We have been able to spend time with our kids and grandkids and are grateful to all be together again. But today, I have a personal situation I’d like to share with you. On Friday of last week, I had extensive back surgery. I have had back problems for 3 years and had a small back surgery 2 years ago. I continued to struggle. While in California with The Plow Tour, the pain began to intensify significantly, and I could hardly walk. God led us to a wonderful Christian physician here in South Carolina who was able to get me into the best spinal center in the Carolinas. I was able to see a surgeon fairly quickly and feel he was able to properly diagnose the problem, offering a solution. I was unable to travel for the month of December and as you could imagine, I am also having to take significant time off from travel in order to recover and rehabilitate. I have had to cancel 3+ months of scheduled conferences and speaking engagements, making it a total of 4 months with no travel income. As a result, DSM will lose a significant amount of income. We are going to need some help Several of my friends urged me to appeal to you, our partners and friends. Some wanted to be part of this appeal and I have included three

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We believe in order for God's purposes and desires to be accomplished, there must be a partnership of His people throughout the earth. This occurs through a mutual exchange in faithfulness as we each do our part in fulfilling Jesus’ mandate to teach, awaken and reform nations. Join us as we partner together in carrying this message.