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We have hosted 3 Appeal to Heaven conferences this year — The Turnaround in Washington, DC, Forward in Colorado  Springs, and Giants Will Fall in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the words of a trusted prophetic friend, “I thought after DC I would never experience anything as great in my life. To my surprise, Colorado Springs was greater and Chattanooga, shockingly, was greater than them both.”

The increasing strength of each gathering is an encouraging sign of America’s turnaround. Momentum is building, giants are falling. Not only did we have 1000 people in attendance, but another 100,000 participated online. This is so amazing, especially since those who attended and watched the gathering did so for one reason only—not to receive—but to partner with us in prayer and spiritual warfare for our nation. In fact, we did not even utilize speakers in every session; some sessions were simply worship and prayer. There truly is a spiritual army arising in this nation!

Holy Spirit strategically led us into various arenas of prayer throughout the Giants Will Fall conference. There was much intercession regarding the shifting of the Supreme Court, perhaps the biggest spiritual giant in America for the last 50 years. The consensus from leaders present was that we are now experiencing this great shift, and that another opening will be occurring on the Court very soon. We prayed into this, not by “cursing” any individual, but by praying blessings and salvation over all the Justices, while also asking God for the vacancy. We then prayed and decreed His choice to replace the next person leaving the Bench.

Closely associated with the Court is the abortion issue. There was much prayer regarding this hideous giant. We believe we are close to seeing the evil law, Roe vs Wade, reversed. This could be the most significant event of our lifetime regarding America’s future and destiny. This giant is falling.

We also prayed not only for the Supreme Court, but for all of our government. The upcoming mid-term elections are perhaps the most significant. Believing God has put President Trump in office as a great change-agent, we must not allow a shift in Congress that would cause this to stall. God is using our president to shift the Judicial system, expose corruption in our government, strengthen our military and economy, support the Church, and reverse many unrighteous regulations. We prayed for our President, asking God to give us the leaders we need in this upcoming mid-term election. We were also reminded that once conservative leaders are in office, we must remember to continue praying for them and their families.

We prayed against the giant of racism. Chuck Pierce spoke strongly into this, stating that the root of racism is anti-Semitism. Will Ford and Matt Lockett also shared powerful words regarding this stronghold. Indeed, their very lives, mingled together, are weapons against this hideous spirit. After they shared their story of racial healing and harmony, it was incredibly moving to see Black, White, and First Nations brothers kneeling together around Will’s ancestral kettle [you can read their story in their new book The Dream King]. We believe much happened in the spirit realm to bind the strongman and dismantle the stronghold of racism in America.

There was also a great emphasis on the Millennials and Generation Z (those born in 1995 or later). We heard firsthand testimonies from several teenagers who were in DC praying during the Kavanaugh hearings. Our host church had planned the trip for a year, not knowing they would be taking the 70 teenagers to the Capital at such a strategic time! The Lord used them tremendously while in DC and in the conference, they led us in powerful prayer for the healing and restoration of our nation. It was a very moving session.

On Saturday morning, the presence of the Lord came into the meeting in a profound way. It was both tender and strong. Holy Spirit reminded us of the mercy He offered America in the 2016 elections and we pressed into this mercy once again. We felt the Lord’s strong embrace and His great love for our nation. From this place of strength, we made powerful decrees over America and against the spiritual giants that have ruled us.

It is often impossible to adequately communicate what occurs spiritually in a conference such as this. Some “atmospheres” simply must be experienced. But I will say that this gathering reached an epic point in prayer and intercession for America. I am rejoicing and grateful beyond words. Please be in prayer with us as we determine the next step for the Appeal to Heaven gatherings.

~Dutch Sheets

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  1. Apostle Dutch, it was a Divine moment that Holy Spirit allowed us to met once again at this strategic conference. I was the Native brother from AZ you pulled from the crowd of people and brought me up to the stage. Just before you came to me a sister from Mesa AZ told me that the Lord was going to use me and that I was to be there at the conference for His purpose. My eyes were closed during worship and when I opened them there you were!! You must also realize that my wife and I were there because of what the Lord had spoken to me back in July and that He provided the means for us to be attending at the conference because I had been laid off from my job in July and been out of work since this time but His provision has been so wonderful. I had been in a time of prayer, fasting, and seeking His face for 4 months! We also meet with Cherokee brothers and sisters who were excited to see and hear my confession and repentance of the sins that the Natives had done to the Lord! Sister Bettye Lundquist of His Warrior Bride ministry said that it was the first time in 40 yrs of ministry that she had heard a Native man or woman confess and repent of Native sins ! I can’t wait to see what He is going to do at AZ Start the Year of Right in January 2019!!


  3. I was one of those who participated online and it was truly a wonderful time in His Presence. A added bonus was finding out that 2 uncles who fought in the Illinois regiment were imprisoned on Missionary Ridge which was apart of our history that was not carried down to the descendants. My thanks to the pastor who filled in my gaps.

  4. Amazing! Thank you for your relentless cry to God for our country! He is faithful and in control! I continue to stand in prayer with the church to see America saved!

  5. My heart is full of thanksgiving as I think of all that has been accomplished in these gatherings and pray with you for Gods will to be done. May Almighty God continue to guide you and hedge you in on every side.

  6. I was just reading Joel in my Nicky Gumbel Bible in a Year app, and I was suddenly wondering about Dutch Sheets, who I knew only from reading his book Intercessory Prayer over a decade ago, but it had quite an impact on me at the time. So I felt a nudge and went to Google and found this website, and read Dutch’s two most recent blogs, where he asked us to pray fervently for the mid-term elections. I have prayed some in days past, but as I read the post from Dutch, wow! I was so filled by the power of the Holy Spirit I would have fallen down had I not been sitting, it has been a while since I received such an amazing anointing! I believe now something miraculous will happen on Election Day – God reigns!

  7. I was present at the conference in Chattanooga, and I’ve been to many conferences in my life but never to one that was so powerfully led by the Holy Spirit. I cannot express or convey the power and anointing present in the meetings. I was changed and will never be the same. Dutch, I have read and followed you for many years and I’m very thankful for the man of God you are to the Body of Christ in this hour!

  8. So encouraged by this report. Very thankful for those of you who organized these meetings and to our Father Who affirmed them with His manifest Presence. It helped me know better how to agree with you all in prayer – asking God to have His purposes realized in America.

  9. Praise God he has heard our prayers of repenting and is answering our prayers for our nation to be healed, but we have to keep fighting the fight of faith believing we serve The God Of The Impossible and not to lay back or go back to a slumber, The True Church Of Jesus Christ Is On The Move And We Cannot Pull Back We Must Continue To Move Forward Taking The Territory The enemy Of Our Souls Has Held Captive For Too Long By Our Not Being Engaged In The Fight Of Faith

  10. I would like to attend some of your meetings. Please notify me when you will be in Cleveland, TN or surrounding areas.

  11. The Magnificent Holy God has shown us the open door to His office on the mountain. As we learn to go in and become His “little children” in the coming days He will reveal to us how He sees us… FINISHED ones.

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