Dear Friends,
Ceci and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. We have been able to spend time with our kids and grandkids and are grateful to all be together again.
But today, I have a personal situation I’d like to share with you.
On Friday of last week, I had extensive back surgery. I have had back problems for 3 years and had a small back surgery 2 years ago. I continued to struggle. While in California with The Plow Tour, the pain began to intensify significantly, and I could hardly walk. God led us to a wonderful Christian physician here in South Carolina who was able to get me into the best spinal center in the Carolinas. I was able to see a surgeon fairly quickly and feel he was able to properly diagnose the problem, offering a solution.
On Friday I had the severely compressed disc removed between the L4 and L5 vertebrae, a “massive” cyst removed that had wrapped itself around the nerves, a joint removed, and some fusion done. I rejoice to say that the debilitating pain is now gone. After 2 nights in the hospital, I’m now home recovering. I’m in a back brace and using a walker or canes for stabilization, but within 6 weeks my doctor wants me walking 2 miles! I have a great nurse (Ceci has been wonderful, staying by my side 24/7) and the prognosis is very good.
I was unable to travel for the month of December and as you could imagine, I am also having to take significant time off from travel in order to recover and rehabilitate. I have had to cancel 3+ months of scheduled conferences and speaking engagements, making it a total of 4 months with no travel income. As a result, DSM will lose a significant amount of income. We are going to need some help.
Several of my friends urged me to appeal to you, our partners and friends. Some wanted to be part of this appeal and I have included three:          I am writing this on behalf of one of the most committed individuals that I know.  I have never known anyone with such a determined call to this nation as Dutch Sheets.  This past year I was privileged to travel with him to 22 regions in the United States to rally the troops for prayer and intercession for this nation. 
          Our last meeting was scheduled for Castle Rock, Colorado.  Many of you might remember that the prayer movement of the 90s was initiated from Colorado Springs. Dutch and many other leaders lived in that vicinity. Therefore, to come full circle, we wanted to end “in” and “begin” a new cycle in Colorado.  However, Dutch was unable to attend this last meeting because of intense back pain from a deteriorated disc and other issues in his spine.  I am writing this as we pray for him this morning during his time of surgery.
          As you know, Dutch and Ceci and their ministry is a traveling ministry.  Because of this surgery, the next three months are very critical for his recovery.  During those three months I want to encourage you to remember them in your giving.  For those of us who travel, much of our supply comes from the places we minister. He will be unable to do that in the next few months. Therefore, we must rally together and help support them.  I have already sent the gift that he would have received by coming to Starting the Year Off Right here in Corinth, Texas on January 2. 
          I want to encourage you to hold them up in prayer, but I also want to suggest that you support them as the Lord leads you.  When one glories, we all glory.  When one suffers, we all suffer. 
Blessings,Chuck D. PierceThere is no doubt in my mind that Dutch Sheets has been one of the pioneer voices in our generation to call for prayer for this nation.
         However, he has paid a great physical price through his travel to all 50 states, multiple times, a recap of 22 states, and many cities in between.
         His back has suffered and now he is in extreme physical pain.  His recovery will be at least three months.
         Dutch has ministered to many of us personally and to the nation corporately, and now he needs us!
 Cindy JacobsAnd from our pastor in South Carolina:
         I have had the privilege of walking very closely with Dutch and Ceci over these past years and I have watched Yahweh extend a special grace towards Dutch as he has kept up an unbelievable pace regarding his schedule. I believe that another measure of grace is being extended for Dutch to both rest and heal in his body.
         As a son, I am jealous to see that finances are not a concern for DSM during this season of recovery. I also know that this will be an incredible time of strategic hearing for Dutch regarding the direction of the nation!  Lets honor The Lord by giving generously toward this Father and Pioneer so as to ensure that this is a completely stress-free season of rest and healing.
Sincerely,Damon ThompsonI am humbled by these kind words and deeply moved by the loyalty these friends have demonstrated. Without manipulation and with strong faith that the Lord will provide through our many friends, I ask you to consider helping us during this season.
In 2019 I spoke in over 70 cities. Included in this was The Plow Tour that Chuck and I did, visiting over 22 regions of the United States, breaking it open for awakening and revival. Those services were pretty amazing.
God has whispered to me that 2020 is The Hinge of History. He has some assignments for me to fulfill this year along with conferences/convocations, calling the nation to prayer for what lies ahead. During this time of rest while my body heals, I’m looking forward to listening to Holy Spirit as He shares His heart with me. Doing that without the burden of finances would be a blessing.
Please prayerfully consider a generous financial gift to help Dutch Sheets Ministries during my time of recovery and rest. Although I won’t be traveling, you will still be hearing from me. My staff is actively making things move forward for 2020. 
With great appreciation…
Running together for this great nation,

Dutch Sheets

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  1. Praying for healing and that this time if recovery would bring a joyful season of richer intimacy with and revelation from Father God in the Pleasure of His Company.

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