The Turnaround: An Appeal To Heaven National Conference

As you have probably realized, I’ve not said much about the Appeal To Heaven flag and message for several months. Of course, we are still appealing! I have not, however, wanted to turn this powerful and important message into a fad, or diminish its value by over-promoting it.

My staff and I have been seeking the Lord regarding what Holy Spirit would like to do with the message. And He has dropped some things into our hearts, and confirmed them with an interesting and enlightening dream given to us by a trusted friend and prophet.

“In the dream, I saw a large wind-driven ship sitting still in the ocean. Suddenly, a strong wind came and began filling the sails, starting a movement. As the sails filled, I could see that they were Appeal To Heaven flags. There were five of them. [Some of you will remember from my ATH message and book that in a dream God showed me five spiritual giants ruling America, which our prayers would overthrow.] When the sails were full I saw “2020” on the bottom of each flag, which I believe refers to the year 2020. As the ship sailed away, I saw the letters DSM on the back of it. [This, of course, referred to Dutch Sheets Ministries.]”

This dream confirms what is in my heart—we are to continue emphasizing this message and conducting Appeal To Heaven gatherings around the nation, at least through the year 2020. The work that has begun in America, including the changes in our government, is obviously not finished. Nor are we moving in the fullness of the great awakening that has begun. The Body of Christ must continue to press in with prayer until the giants are pulled down and the shift is complete. We will continue to convene ATH gatherings until then.

The next Appeal To Heaven gathering will be in Washington, DC, February 22-24, 2018. While praying about when to re-launch, my friend Cindy Jacobs gave me a very strong word. Not only was the word related to the re-launching of ATH, but also to a word Chuck Pierce gave in May. Chuck prophesied that the next 10 months would be filled with turmoil for the nation and our president. However, after these months had passed, a turnaround would occur and we would move into three years of breakthrough. While listening to me speak and pondering this word, Cindy was led by Holy Spirit to count 10 months from the time Chuck gave the word; she realized it was February 22, 2018. Knowing the prophetic significance of the number 22, as it relates to government and the opening and closing of doors (Isaiah 22:22), and also that this is one of the most significant biblical references for me, Cindy received the following word from the Lord:

“You must re-launch ATH in Washington, DC next year on February 22, and release the turnaround that Chuck prophesied for our president and the nation. This gathering will also re-launch the world-wide prayer movement. Leaders will come, intercessors will come, and prayer leaders from America and around the world will come and help us do this.”

This has resonated with all of my friends and the spiritual leaders I’ve spoken with. Lou Engle actually postponed a large Call event planned for that same date in Orlando, Florida. He will now be joining us in Washington for this gathering. Chuck Pierce will also be there. In fact, he and I have been on an assignment from the Lord to go to 22 cities in America, declaring and releasing the shift into this new season. And in God’s providence, this gathering on the 22nd, will also be our final—the 22nd!!—city of the tour.

Cindy, of course, will be there, as will other strong leaders from around the world. We will be riding the strength of 25 years of prayers for America, and WE WILL SHIFT THIS NATION!

We are working on procuring the venue, and will be releasing those details soon, but it will begin on Thursday night, February 22, and end at noon on Saturday, the 24th. Make plans to be there for this historic prayer event!


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  1. I’m there. I wave my big ATH flag at the beginning of each service during the start of worship at my local church. I press in till I see the full turnaround manifested. I was at the kickoff in Ohio at your brothers church. This is coming full circle for me.

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  2. The shift is upon us! We will gather with you and we will stand in our governmental authority, undivided, as ONE Nation Under God for liberty and justice for ALL! We will see a shift! He will hear our cries and He will answer. Turn America “The Beautiful” turn! “God shed thy grace on thee. Make a way Papa God!! “We have the key to open the gate called “Beautiful” (Acts 3) so let it open up, open up oh beautiful gate! So that ALL may arise and walk, and enter into the land with our banner held high we are the Free! Free in deed! In the name of Jesus!
    Praying Papa God make a way!!

  3. I am so privileged to be a part of this intercessory prayer movement. And so grateful for all the intercessors God has raised up that I can join with….at least spiritually if not physically…but if I can I will also bring myself along!

  4. So glad that your President has the backing of mighty men of God, standing with him,supporting him in prayer. So glad that roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah is sounding through the passages of time “I will build my Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it”. Hell is certainly being rattled in Washington. I can’t tell you how encouraging it is to know that you are calling the intercessors and warrior leaders to Washington in February. God’s timing is so right. We will be praying for you here in Scotland as you prepare for the biggest showdown in the History of your nation and for your President and his government. God Bless you Apostle Dutch and may God Bless the United States of America.

  5. Praying God makes all provisions for us too be there if it be His will and continue to pray for Dutch Sheets and His Ministry and family!!All will finish strong in all area’s..As God is leading this all..God Bless you all ..A Grateful Intercessor for America and Dutch Sheets Ministry and Chuck Pierce Ministry..Was at the original Launch of all of this …Have seen the Glory of Gods hand and Power throughout this Journey ..Powerfully!! Conformations all along each part and location across the Lands.. Amen Keep On Keeping on Bless you all!!
    Pressing in to prayer Cheryl A Griffin…

  6. As an intercessor for America since 1976 and before, grief has weighed me down over the continuing decline of our country. Your website and prayers and ATH, which I just discovered, have revived me and rekindled hope and faith. I agree totally. Thank you and God continue to empower, provide and guide.

    Mary Brown

  7. Yes, Yes, Yes. To pray, decree and declare in our Nations capital resonates loudly.

    Dr. Rev. Laura Solberg

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