June 1, 2021

Day 25, Chapter 25: The Look One of the things I like about the Bible is that God allows its heroes of faith to be real, choosing not to hide their humanness from the rest of us all-too-human earthlings. Pedestals are great for non-human displays, but they are far too unstable to support the average […]

May 31, 2021

The Last Full Measure of Devotion  I have been determined not to interrupt the series we’ve been doing on The Pleasure of His Company. Today is the only exception. I feel it is appropriate to pause and honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. “I recently read an account of American […]

May 30, 2021

Day 24, Chapter 24: The Revelation Back in the day, I was pretty good at football. Oh well, why be so humble? I was great!  In all seriousness, I was actually decent in football and a step below that in basketball and track. I worked really hard at them, especially football. Unlike some of the […]

May 29, 2021

Day 23, Chapter 23: The Return I like older things. I like antiquing, shopping in old stores, and studying history. Ceci and I have always liked vacationing in places that cater more to older folks. I’m not sure how I got old so fast. While I do like older things, I don’t like fixing or […]

May 28, 2021

Day 22, Chapter 22: The Prodigal In the book What Will It Take to Change the World by S. D. Gordon, he relates the story of a couple who discovered that their young son – we’ll call him Steven – had lied to them. He had skipped school for three consecutive days and was caught […]

May 27, 2021

Day 21, Chapter 21: The Visit  I watched the cesarean-section delivery of a baby on television once. It was on one of those educational channels that enlighten us to things we need to know to survive in life. Thank God for satellite TV! I also saw a face-lift on the same channel. They peeled the […]

May 26, 2021

Day 20, Chapter 20: The Lingerers  When I was a student at Christ For The Nations Institute thirty-five years ago- back when I could run for miles and still had a six-pack, all my hair, and no wrinkles- I was diligent to spend quality amounts of time everyday with God. I had actually developed this […]

May 25, 2021

Day 19, Chapter 19: The Listener  I grew up believing I was ugly. With my movie-star good looks, I know this seems unbelievable, But all joking aside, it’s true. Because of this, meeting and conversing with people was difficult for me; I became introverted, insecure, and shy. This intensified when I was 10 years old. […]

May 24, 2021

Day 18, Chapter 18: The Courtship  I remember when Ceci and I were “courting.” I was fairly indifferent toward her at first – she had to do the pursuing. NOT. I proposed to her after only a week of dating. I think it would be fair to say I was smitten. Her big brown eyes, […]

May 23, 2021

Day 17, Chapter 17: The Undistracted Several years ago when my daughter, Hannah, was only three or four, I was enjoying a great Broncos playoff game. Did you catch that? Not just a game – a Broncos playoff game. I had a great fire in the fireplace, had kicked back in my football recliner, and […]