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I have been reflecting quite a bit recently on several prophetic words I’ve received over the last 18 months. They bring great hope and contain significant strategy for the continuation of America’s turnaround. [I preached this as a message recently and you can listen to it FREE at the bottom of this blog.

An Angelic Decree

The first word is a dream sent to me several months ago leading up to The Turnaround gathering, held on 2/22/18 at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C.

I dreamed that I, along with two friends (fellow intercessors) and my Mom and Dad, were walking down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., just outside the Trump Hotel. I knew The Turnaround conference was ending at that very moment. I turned and saw a courier angel coming out the doors of the hotel, carrying a scroll. His face was set toward the US Capitol and he headed immediately in that direction.

We decided to follow him and did so even as he went into the Capitol. We then entered the House Chambers, the place where the State of the Union address occurs. All the lawmakers were in attendance, as well as many other people in the gallery. It was a packed house.

The courier angel with the scroll was standing at the double doors through which the Presidents enter; suddenly he announced, with great authority and confidence, “ALL RISE!” Just as had happened at the previous State of the Union Address, some stood, while others disrespectfully and snidely remained seated.

The angel then opened the scroll and declared very loudly and adamantly, “The verdict has been determined: AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!” Immediately a cloud (the Glory of God) came from behind the angel and filled the room.

Those who had stood when the angel entered crumpled to their knees, weeping, overcome by the reality of God’s presence. Some who had been seated went to their knees shouting, “I’m sorry!!! I’m so sorry!!” Others remained seated. I knew judgment was beginning to be administered and God’s ruling authority was being set in place! It was transformation and reformation being established for America’s new reality…She shall be saved!

The dream’s meaning is obvious. Stake your claim to this decree: America shall be saved! Agree with it, decree it and be encouraged by it. The Lord’s purposes for America will be fulfilled and our destiny of trumpeting of the gospel to all the earth shall be accomplished. God is actively working in our government; those who oppose Him will not prevail.

POTUS And the Ancient Markers

A few months after The Turnaround (mid 2018) my friend and colleague Clay Nash, sent me the following powerful dream:

       Dutch, I dreamed last night that you and a small group of us were invited to see POTUS Trump in the Oval Office. Upon arrival, after some small talk, POTUS Trump, very much in humility, began to thank you for your leadership and the Appeal to Heaven prayer movement. He then presented to you an Appeal to Heaven flag he had signed and requested of you to organize a high-level strategic prayer task force. He told you that he would be releasing directly significant issues for prayer, adding that he had received this prophetic instruction from a very trusted voice: his wife, Melania.

At that time, you presented to the President a white stone and read to him Revelation 2:17: “To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it.” He then quoted to you, “There was a man sent from God and his name was John,” John 1:16.

President Trump then asked if he could pray for all of us. In his prayer he said, “Lord, let this man and these leaders convene a holy convocation that I might finish my 8 years well and the ancient markers of our founding fathers be restored.”

Then he presented to you a pager and said, “When you see the number 2222, always answer your cell phone, even though there will be no caller ID.”

The President signing and giving me an ATH flag represents—not an autograph—but endorsement of prayer from the highest office of authority in America.

His “new name,” John, is actually President Trump’s middle name. Holy Spirit spoke to a young child during the elections of 2016, and told him a man named John would be the next president. I found it very significant that God didn’t refer to candidate Trump as Donald—the billionaire tycoon and power broker—but John, a name in the scriptures associated with forerunning (John, the Baptist), intimacy with God (John, the Beloved) and revelation (John, the Revelator). Since then I have been praying for a transition in the President’s life from “the Donald” to John.  This dream indicates that such a transformation is coming.

The President’s request for a holy convocation, enabling him to “finish his 8 years well” and that the “ancient markers of our founding fathers be restored” is powerful. Not only does it reveal that God’s plan for President Trump is two terms—the fulfillment of which I believe is linked to our prayers—but that a radical turnaround can continue throughout his presidency, which will return America to her righteous roots and God-given destiny. This, too, is linked to our continued intercession.

The pager code, 2222, refers to Isaiah 22:22: “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens no one will shut, when he shuts no one will open.”  God wants to use us, the praying Church, as doorkeepers for America. We will open the way for God and His plans and close the door to satan’s schemes and actions. President Trump knows this and will partner with it.

Change is Coming!

Obviously, the 2 prior dreams speak of great change in America, but God gave me a sign regarding this. Six months ago, people began giving me baggies filled with coins. This had never happened to me in 35 years of ministry but occurred 4 times within a month. The monetary amount only added up to a few dollars; obviously, the amount itself wasn’t the point, but rather the prophetic significance: change is coming!

The change we’ve been asking God for regarding America is on the way. Change in government, change in the Church, and change through Holy Spirit being poured out, producing the great awakening we’ve been asking for. Millions will come to Christ…America shall be saved!

Plowing the Nation

Shortly after this, my friend and prophet to the nations, Chuck Pierce, received an assignment from Holy Spirit for him and also for me. Chuck heard Him say that we are to touch the entire nation again this year (we went to all 50 states together in 2003-2004) by going to several regions, drawing intercessors to each gathering from the surrounding states. The phrases Chuck were given as Holy Spirit’s purpose for this “tour” were:

  1. “Prepare the land for awakening.” In the context of this, Holy Spirit also used the phrase, “plow the nation.” When a farmer plows a field, he is preparing it for the coming harvest season. The soil of America is being prepared for a great harvest; I believe the greatest harvest ever!
  2. “Restore God’s hovering power”—Hovering in the scriptures refers to reproduction. When Holy Spirit “hovered” over the barren earth in Genesis 1:2, the Hebrew word rachaph is a term referring to a husband and wife joining in the act of reproduction. At creation, Holy Spirit was joining His power with the words of Christ—“let there be…”—in order to bring forth life on earth.

   When Holy Spirit used this word regarding America, He was telling us that His hovering, birthing power is about to be released in our nation! Eternal life will flow—people will be “born” again. Change is coming. America shall be saved!

  • “Activate the anointing to birth the future”—Consistent with the hovering concept, Holy Spirit is anointing His church to birth the future He has destined for America. This is not only for awakening in the United States, however, but also for world-wide revival. The greatest harvest of souls in the history of the world is beginning.

Covenant and Mercy

In October of 2016, I was given the assignment of leading a prayer team to 7 places in America where covenant with the Lord had been established. We were to pray for mercy and decree that America’s covenant with the Lord would be reestablished. While in Philadelphia, we visited Penn Treaty Park, a place commemorating William Penn’s covenant with the “First Nations” people. Penn never took the land (Pennsylvania) by force; he bought it from the native people and entered into a covenant of peace and solidarity with them—a covenant, by the way, which he never broke.

Remarkably, Penn had prophetic vision for Pennsylvania. He once prayed that it would become “the seed of a nation,” a prayer that was most certainly answered. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and our country’s formal birth occurred there. I believe Penn’s revelation of covenant—with God and with people—was the righteous seed from which America sprang up.

While there in the park honoring Penn, the First Nations people and our covenant with God, we experienced the presence of God in a profound way. Angels filled the park and it truly became “holy ground.” We knew that as we worshipped, prayed, and partook of communion (the covenant meal) we were tapping into a root of covenant and mercy for America. Deuteronomy 7:9 states, “Know therefore that the Lord thy God, He is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations,” (Emphasis added).

Just a few weeks ago, one of the men who had been on this prayer team was given a dream where we were once again in Penn Treaty Park, reliving that day. In the dream, however, President Trump joined us at the end of our time there. As we finished, he said, “Now, we can move on from here.”

The interpretation of this is that we have tapped into God’s covenant with America once again—a covenant of blessing, a promise of mercy, and a renewing of our destiny to release His life in the earth. We can now move on. America will be saved; the ancient markers will be restored. His change is coming.

The Ancient Path

In confirmation of this, my prophetic friend, Clay Nash, had another dream on the night of our recent “Plowing the Nation Tour” meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  

I dreamed last night you were presented a skeleton key at the meeting. (Where keys are concerned, a skeleton key actually is known as a passkey, a type of master key.) Chuck prophesied to the atmosphere and a keyhole appeared. You inserted the key and turned until a doorway opened and a voice spoke from the Spirit:

“Welcome into an ‘ancient pathway’ reserved for this time. Here are the resources needed to complete the turn of the nation.”

This is SO encouraging! America is, indeed, returning to the ancient markers. Remember, this phrase was used by POTUS in the second dream I mentioned, it was also given to another friend of mine in a dream regarding the Appeal to Heaven flag in 2013. In that dream, I was waving the Appeal to Heaven flag over America declaring, “America is returning to the ancient path, in order to reap the harvest of the ages.” (You can read more about this historic flag in my book An Appeal to Heaven.)

Our prayers have broken through. God has given us the master key—a passkey—to open the heavens and pass into a new era where we’ll be given the needed resources to find the ancient path of covenant and destiny. America’s turnaround has begun. Awakening is beginning and…AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!

Be encouraged.

–Dutch Sheets

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  1. America Shall Be Saved! This is so encouraging! Revival, outpouring, and renewal only come because of the hardness of our hearts. It is God’s mercy to His people. This hardness exists because of the disobedience of the apostles, who preach a Gospel without power (signs, wonders, and miracles). A Gospel without power creates a cultural ecosystem that needs revival, outpouring, and renewal.

    If the apostles were doing the work of the ministry as seen in the Book of Acts, there would be no need for revival, outpouring or renewal.

    Thus, the declaration of “America Shall Be Saved,” is so encouraging, because it means that God is putting an end to the maddening cycle of necessary outpourings, renewal, and revival. It means that He is raising up Apostolic teams, who will be obedient and do the work of the ministry in the same way that it was done in the Book of Acts – by preaching the Gospel outside of believer meetings in the marketplace with signs, wonders, and miracles.

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