January 4, 2019

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

The Pastors’ Responsibility I once had a heart to heart discussion with a friend of mine who is the pastor of a large congregation. I asked him, following an election, how he encouraged the congregation to vote. I said, “How did you prepare the people? Did you challenge them to vote for life and justice? […]

January 3, 2019

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

Discipling a Nation Our goal is not going to be to get individuals saved, but to save nations. It is not going to be to disciple one, but to disciple movements and different elements of the culture. This is going to require a huge shift for us, the Body of Christ. For the average church […]

January 2, 2019


What Will the Church Do With a Great Awakening? We are entering an hour of history where the Church must make themselves ready. We are now, quite literally, warring for the eternal destinies of millions, and the destiny of our nation. Something must happen to awaken the conscience of this nation and turn the thoughts […]

January 1, 2019

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

The Great Turning Year Welcome to 2019. I feel as or more stirred over this nation as I have perhaps ever before. The Lord has given me a message I have shared a few times recently on finishing well. I’m not talking about finishing our lives well. I’m talking about finishing this cause that we’ve […]

December 31, 2018

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

On the Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets One of the reasons I believe God sends prophetic leaders out, like Chuck Pierce and myself, is to rally the praying church. It brings prophetic insight into where we are in the nation and what the apostolic, prophetic, praying church needs to be doing to keep pushing […]

December 30, 2018

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

The Courts are Being Re-seated Something that’s happening under the radar right now is that conservative judges are being placed in large numbers on the lower federal courts. I believe the greatest legacy of President Trump will be the shifting of the judicial system.  I have said this many times before and I will not […]

December 29, 2018

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

Prevailing in Prayer in 2019 I am not worried about the opposition we have seen and will see more of in the coming year. We will see more opposition to President Trump and other opposition governmentally. You will see opposition in any way the opposers can bring it. But, the opposition will not prevail. The […]

December 28, 2018

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

Great Opportunity and Great Opposition in 2019 I think 2019 will be a continuation of 2018. I feel like the Lord has given me 1 Cor 16:9 as a verse for the year ahead. Paul said, “A wide door for effective service has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” The New English Translation […]

December 27, 2018

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

Holy Spirit Revelation is Pouring Forth I see a high level of revelation being released in the nation. As I minister with Chuck Pierce and other leaders around the nation, it’s like the Lord has opened a spigot of revelation. The Lord is pouring out direct downloads from heaven to those who have positioned themselves […]

December 26, 2018

DutchSheetsUrgent Prayer

2018 Saw a Battle for the Supreme Court Let’s talk for just a minute about where we’ve been and what to expect in the coming year. As you know, I believe the battle for this nation is largely a battle for the courts. As I have said many times, so much evil has come into […]