My Thoughts Regarding the Forward Conference 2018

Dutch SheetsNews

There are moments in history that truly must be seized, seasons in which “business as usual” would be worse than disappointing…it would be disastrous.

We are in such a time.

As we launch into this “new era” it has become increasingly obvious to me that we are moving into one of the greatest opportunities in church history.


My reasons for this belief?

  1. For the first time in many centuries, the Church will be able to function in all of the five gifts and anointings Christ gave her—apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher (Ephesians 4:11). And as this important passage goes on to say, through these gifts we will be able to reveal “the fullness of Christ” (verse 13).
  2. Also, we have entered a season where Holy Spirit has restored to us the true meaning of ekklesia, the Church. A remnant of the body of Christ has come to understand that the ekklesia is Christ’s kingdom government on earth, entrusted with His authority, and commissioned to legislate His will. As such, these believers are no longer content to function only as “fellowships,” “congregations,” or “families.” They insist on also functioning as extenders of Christ’s Kingdom.
  3. And lastly, the Lord of the harvest has prepared the fields. Desperate conditions, despot rulers, and mass disillusionment have caused tribes and nations to become ripe for change.


The aligning of these three areas—Christ’s gifts, a revelation of His authority in the Church, and a prepared earth—is about to produce a critical mass, leading to explosive harvest and reformative change. We have truly entered into a new era!

Our goal in our recent Forward: An Appeal To Heaven Conference (June 14-16, 2018) was to release insight and understanding of these three phenomena. When planning the gathering, I had the sense that Holy Spirit desired to release significant revelation and productive strategies to move us “forward” into this opportune season.

And did He ever!

I can say without exaggeration that Holy Spirit brought forth the highest overall level of revelation and teaching I’ve heard in one gathering. We learned much through powerful teachings and prophetic insights regarding:

  1. Generational synergy
  2. The meaning and function of the ekklesia
  3. Understanding, running with, and reaching millennials, and
  4. Changing old or outdated wineskins.


Do yourself a favor—get the CDs or DVDs and glean from these messages, over and over again. They will be a wonderful resource, even for the future.

Now as I pray, I believe Holy Spirit is saying it’s time to put on the boxing gloves of “Everlast” and “Evergreen,” and begin knocking out spiritual giants that have ruled our nation. (The back-story of these two gloves is in my books An Appeal To Heaven and Giants Will Fall.) We contended for and experienced The Turnaround; in the June 2018 Conference, Holy Spirit released strategy to move Forward. He is now saying it is time to go after the giants!

So we will!

Our next Appeal to Heaven gathering will be October 11-13, 2018, in Chattanooga, TN. I’ll be joined by Chuck Pierce, Lou Engle, Tim Sheets, Will Ford, Matt Lockett and others as we battle for the destiny of our nation. Numerous Goliaths have mocked God and opposed His purposes for America. But just as He did through the little shepherd boy, David, God will have the last word!

Join me as together, we write history for the King.

Dutch Sheets