The New Era

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One of the great shifts in process within the Body of Christ is regarding our role as Christ’s ekklesia (church). Most of you probably know that in Christ’s day, the word did not mean a religious service, organization, or building; it was a legislative assembly. We are “representatives” of Christ’s Kingdom government on earth.

Certain streams of the body of Christ have functioned well as His family and bride. Few of us, however, have operated at a high level as His ekklesia. Binding and loosing, opening and closing spiritual doors, releasing heaven’s decrees to earth—these governmental functions have occurred only at fairly low levels.

This is about to change.

The turnaround for America is only part of God’s plan for this gathering. One prophecy concerning the upcoming Turnaround conference stated that the worldwide prayer movement will be launched into its next phase. Functioning as Christ’s ekklesia IS that new phase! The Church is about to move into a completely new level of enforcing kingdom rule and the will of God on earth.

One of the interesting things recently pointed out to me about the location of the Turnaround Conference is that we will be meeting between the FBI and DOJ, the two governmental agencies that have frequently been in the news lately. We know that thousands of wonderful, dedicated people work in these two organizations. We also know, however, they are two of the agencies from which a few corrupt individuals have tried to destroy the president. We will operate in our kingdom authority while there, breaking the back of this attempt to render President Trump ineffective. We will decree the exposing and failure of all attempts to sabotage his presidency. We will release favor over him, enabling him to accomplish everything for which God sent him to the White House—including the turning of the Supreme Court! President Trump will fulfill all of God’s purposes for him.

Join us on February 22-24. Be prepared to walk in your governmental authority as a member of Christ’s ekklesia. We will birth the turnaround in America and we will launch the new era of kingdom authority!