Significant Dream and Interpretation in Preparation for the Turnaround Conference

Dutch SheetsNews

A well-respected pastor in Arizona texted me this morning regarding the upcoming Turnaround Conference in Washington D.C., February 22-24:

            I was praying for the gathering in D.C. and felt so strongly its significance—that our nation’s future is at stake!! What we pray, and indeed how we pray, will determine our future for many years. We are a nation at a
crossroads, and this gathering will play a pivotal role in the direction our nation must take. Praying for you.

I certainly bear witness. It seems the spiritual airwaves are filled with prophetic insight regarding this gathering; I am receiving words almost daily. The following dream was sent to me a few days ago by a trusted prophet:

            I dreamed last night of the Turnaround gathering. In the meeting, there were hundreds of angels with tuning forks in their hands. Rees Howells [Rees was a Welsh intercessor in the mid-1900’s used greatly by Holy Spirit to turn the tide of WWII] and John Knox [a great Scottish reformer and intercessor in the 1500’s] came in from the cloud of witnesses. Rees held a tuning fork, John a gavel. They presented these to you; as they did you smiled at Ceci and struck them together. The angels simultaneously struck their tuning forks. As the sound began permeating the people, they began to vibrate and spin. While doing so, they morphed into an Army of Special Forces. Illumination came from them and filled the room. Then a man pinned a badge on you that said: U.S. MARSHALL OF THE NEW SOUND. I woke up overwhelmed.
This dream is so filled with revelation it is difficult to summarize in a brief manner. Here, in bullet form, are some of my interpretations:
  • “hundreds of angels with tuning forks”—angels will be there to assist us in hearing the sound of heaven
  • “Rees Howells and John Knox”—we will be building on and agreeing with the prayers and reforming actions of past generations (something I refer to in my book An Appeal to Heaven as “the synergy of the ages”)
  • “tuning fork”—we will hear a pure and clear sound from heaven regarding America
  • “gavel”—the Sovereign Judge of heaven and earth is going to render His verdict
  • “as the sound began permeating the people”—we will become one with/agree with heaven’s words and verdicts
  • “they morphed into an Army of Special Forces”—just as special forces are hidden, small in number and incredibly efficient, so will we operate
  • “illumination came from them”—we will be filled with and release revelation and glory
  • “U.S. Marshall of the new sound”—we will function as Christ’s ekklesia, the representatives of His kingdom government on earth; as such, we will expose the enemies of God, disrupt their plans, enforce heaven’s rule, and reform America.
            This is all consistent with Matthew 16:13-19; please read it. The passage speaks of revelation; the authority of Christ; Christ’s ekklesia—the representatives of His Kingdom government on earth; binding and loosing; and releasing Heaven’s judgments against the powers of hell. Psalms 149 tells us all the saints are honored with the potential of participating in this activity.
Could it be that God is about to shift the praying earth into a new dimension of all this? I believe so. Come prepared! Likewise, those of you who join us online, also prepare yourselves.
The finest days of the Church are not behind us; they are ahead. Let’s write history together!

P.S. I’ll have more to say in my next blog, February 12.