Preparation for the Upcoming Turnaround Conference

Dutch SheetsNews

In just over 3 weeks, The Turnaround gathering will convene in Washington D.C. Its purpose is to birth the 3 years of turnaround Chuck Pierce prophecied for America, and to launch a new phase of the worldwide prayer movement. I’ll be sending this blog and 2 to 3 more leading up to the event, to help the attendees and the online participants prepare. I’ll be giving most of my time between now and the gathering to prayer, fasting, and listening to Holy Spirit’s instructions.
As I have been praying and processing up to now, I feel strongly that, although there will be messages, the conference must be prayer and presence (worship) driven. I am building much time into the conference schedule for this. Please prepare your heart to pursue Him, not just His blessing to us. I am believing that as we wait on Him, prophetic insight and revelation will be released to us. Please pray that those of us leading will be very sensitive to Holy Spirit’s promptings and desires.
The Turnaround Conference begins on February 22, as you know, which is the birthday of George Washington, a Founding Father known as “The Father of Our Nation.” Also on this date, Washington D.C. will be the 22nd city on Chuck Pierce and my 22-City Tour, an assignment given us to help shift America into its next season. Many of you know Isaiah 22:22 has become my “life verse,” given to me 20 plus years ago regarding my calling to America: Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, when he opens no one will shut,
when he shuts no one will open.

These symbolic “22’s” are significant to me. I believe America is receiving a new “founding” of sorts, which will bind the “giants” that have tried to steal this destiny and open the door for America’s spiritual rebirth. I believe this will impact all of the earth.
I’ll have more to say in my next blog, February 5th.