July 9, 2019

DutchSheetsGH15, President Trump, Supreme Court

A Choice That Will Divide the Nation Can you feel the swirling in the heavenlies? Can you feel the conflict and turmoil? The enemy is not quite sure what to do. He will stir up a panic among the people. Watch for it in the media and among those who fancy themselves to be a […]

July 8, 2018

DutchSheetsGH15, President Trump, Supreme Court

One More Call Today is the day that President Trump will need to finalize his decision for Supreme Court nominee. He will make the appointment public tomorrow, Monday, July 9. Are you excited? You should be. There is a unique opportunity for the Court to be set as solidly conservative for decades. The exact right […]

July 2, 2018

DutchSheetsARCHIVE, President Trump, pro-life, Supreme Court

Only A Pro-Life Justice “Our President campaigned on the promise that he would appoint Pro-Life Justices who would reverse Roe v. Wade. The Nation voted for Him and for Pro-Life Justices. Do not back away from this position. We are Pro-life. The President is Pro-Life. The next Justice must be unashamedly Pro-Life. Promises Made – […]

June 13, 2018

DutchSheetsGH15, Jon Ponder, President Trump

President Trump Gives Credit to God “’Faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God,’ President Trump said, then launched into the story of Jon Ponder, who is now the CEO and founder of Hope for Prisoners, Inc. ‘Jon … ended up in federal prison, relegated to solitary confinement. That’s where […]