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Dear Friends, Convene: to come together or assemble, usually for a public purpose; to summon to appear, as before a judicial officer As we gather on 2/22—some in Washington, D.C., others via Livestream—we are not … Read More

The New Era

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One of the great shifts in process within the Body of Christ is regarding our role as Christ’s ekklesia (church). Most of you probably know that in Christ’s day, the word did not mean a … Read More

The Power of History


The thought of shaping the future is powerful, but past history is also very important. Karl Marx said, “If I can steal their history, I can steal their country.” Roots are essential and powerful; foundations … Read More

Gather the Watchmen on 2:22

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[Please indulge me in sending a longer communication than normal. I believe it is of the utmost importance.]   THE WAR FOR AMERICA I have never seen spiritual warfare over our nation like I’m seeing … Read More

Praying for America’s Destiny


It is not hard to find God’s destiny for America. In 1607, at the English settlers’ first landing at Cape Henry, they planted a cross and dedicated the land to the glory of God. Robert … Read More