February 22, 2018


A Place to Run Into to be Saved When Joshua told Caleb he could go take his inheritance, he conquered Kiriath Arba, the city of the giants. He renamed it Hebron again – “place of friendship, intimacy, and covenantal friendship with God.” Hebron went on to become one of the cities of refuge. If the […]

February 21, 2018


The Week of The Turnaround is Here! As we gather on 2/22—some in Washington, D.C., others via Livestream—we are not gathering for a typical conference. As the above definition states, we have been “summoned to appear before a judicial officer”— the Supreme Judge of the universe, the Ancient Of Days, the Most High God. He […]

February 20, 2018


Caleb’s Faith Statement Caleb was one of the twelve spies sent in to check out the Promised Land. He was indignant at the other ten unbelieving spies. He said, “Hey guys, we can do this. These giants are not too big for God.” He tried to get them and the rest of the people of […]


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Dear Friends, Convene: to come together or assemble, usually for a public purpose; to summon to appear, as before a judicial officer As we gather on 2/22—some in Washington, D.C., others via Livestream—we are not … Read More

February 19, 2018


Result of the Giants Taking Over Hebron once represented friendship, covenant, alliance with God. It became Kiriath Arba, a place that was filled with giants that were keeping the Israelites from their inheritance. It was a stronghold of evil, a stronghold of terror, a stronghold of demonized giants. How’s that for irony? The place that […]

February 18, 2018


From Intimacy to Intimidation and Back Again Just before I recently spoke in Israel, the Lord said to Chuck, “I’m going to pioneer Hebron again.” Neither of us knew what that meant, but Chuck told me I needed to speak on it. So, I asked the Lord about it and He reminded me that Hebron […]

February 17, 2018


Exposing the Strongholds On my way from Wales to Israel, I changed planes in Istanbul, Turkey. As I was waiting in the airport there, I saw a young man out of the corner of my eye that had stripped down to his underwear. Not even socks…just his underwear. He began to walk back and forth […]

February 16, 2018


In the Footsteps of Rees Howells The Lord recently sent me to Wales to revisit the Welsh revival. He told me He had an impartation to give me there that I was going to need for what He was about to do. He said He wanted me to go there and drink from that well. […]

February 15, 2018


Straightening Things Out One of the interesting things recently pointed out to me about the location of the Turnaround Conference is that we will be meeting between the FBI and Department of Justice, the two governmental agencies that have frequently been in the news lately. We know that thousands of wonderful, dedicated people work in […]

February 14, 2018


The Ekklesia’s New Level One of the great shifts in process within the Body of Christ is regarding our role as Christ’s ekklesia (church). Most of you probably know that in Christ’s day, the word did not mean a religious service, organization, or building; it was a legislative assembly. We are “representatives” of Christ’s Kingdom […]