Moving With The Cloud

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Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

A foundational principle for my walk with the Lord has always been that of moving with the cloud. This principle involves being one who is not led by their soul (intellect and emotions,) but rather, led of the Spirit. Moving with the cloud is an illustration that comes from the Old Testament account of the Israelites’ journey to the Promised Land. During their 40 years in the desert, the glorious presence of the Lord would manifest itself as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. When it moved, the Israelites moved. When God spoke from the cloud, Moses and the people were to obey. In whatever direction the cloud—His Presence—is moving, that’s where I want to go too.

Being lead by the Spirit of the Lord, I am pleased to announce that Dutch Sheets Ministries has moved back to Colorado Springs, CO! We have spent the past month relocating our ministry headquarters to our new home at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Colorado Springs is not a new city to Dutch Sheets Ministries. The Lord first sent us to the Springs almost 30 years ago to lead a church, and it’s where I began my writing ministry. After pastoring there for 20 years, the Lord asked us to lay that down so we could carry out various strategic prayer and ministry assignments in the nation. When we finished our most recent assignment as Executive Director of our alma mater, Christ For The Nations Institute (CFNI) in Dallas, TX, Ceci and I began to seek the Lord concerning whether or not we were to stay in Dallas for our next assignment. During this time, the Lord spoke these words very clearly to me, “I am bringing you full circle.” I developed a teaching about this, which we released about a year ago. But as I sought the Lord for further revelation, this word took on much greater meaning. I sensed that the Lord was bringing me back to the place where my writing commenced and from where I received His divine downloads and apostolic assignments to awaken to the nation.

During the season of seeking the Lord concerning where we were to go next, the Lord also began to put on Ceci’s heart a desire for “roots.” While meditating on this, she realized the Lord had only allowed us to live in a city for 3 to 5 years at a time. The exception to that pattern of temporary assignments was Colorado Springs, where we pastored and raised our family over the course of 20 years. Ceci began to desire and pray specifically about moving back to Colorado Springs, the place of our family’s roots; the only place we would consider “home.” Then about six months ago, a good friend who also happens to be a very accurate prophet, told us the Lord had given him a message for us. He turned to Ceci and said, “Sister, the Lord says you can go home now.” With tears streaming down Ceci’s face, and an overwhelming joy in my heart, we both knew what that meant. The Lord was confirming His desire for us to move back to Colorado Springs.

The word “home” spoke just as powerfully to me as it did to Ceci. As I describe in my first book, Intercessory Prayer, my favorite place to commune with the Lord is the mountains of Colorado. The Lord and I have spent hundreds of hours walking through the mountains together, enjoying one another’s company, and hearing from one another’s heart. That is home to me, as well. And for us, home is where we sense the cloud is going.

Colorado Springs used to be the prayer ministry capital of the nation. Twenty-five years ago, the Lord led many intercessory, prophetic and apostolic leaders to establish their ministry there. However, as the spiritual atmosphere in the city shifted, many ministries were led to move elsewhere. But after several years, the Lord is redirecting some of these ministry leaders back to this city of great promise. I believe He is bringing Colorado Springs full circle, renewing His offer of being an intercessory hub for America and other nations. There is no doubt in our hearts; the Lord has called us, as a ministry, to relocate to Colorado Springs. We, too, are coming full circle!

This time, however, our assignment will look very different. We are not returning to the Springs to pastor a church. I have seen amazing glimpses of what the Lord has prepared for us, and it all involves prayer, awakening, and reforming America. I sense so strongly that our relocation to Colorado Springs is the most strategic geographic move the Lord has ever had us make. Please stay well connected with us as we share on new developments. Our Colorado Post Office Box address and telephone number is as follows:

Dutch Sheets Ministries

P.O. Box 63359

Colorado Springs, CO 80962

Telephone: (719) 419-7840

As you may expect, packing and relocating the entirety of our 3,000 square foot office space, product warehouse, and the households of 7 staff members is a huge challenge. Thank you for your prayerful support and financial gifts as we continue with the vision God has given us.

I pray that as you partner with us in this new season, you receive an impartation from the Lord to be a follower of the cloud. Father, awaken hearts to hear and see You. Teach us not to move until You move. We want to be led of the Spirit in all our ways. Release grace to reign in our thoughts and emotions, so we will be free to obey Your promptings. Fill us with Your Spirit of wisdom and revelation as we draw close to You.

Following the cloud,

Dutch Sheets